Deborah Bowerman-Corral

I was raised in Houston Texas, with my older brother by loving my parents Ed and Taffy Bowerman. Throughout my schooling, I participated in many extracurricular activities including soccer, piano, art-after-school, art courses in Michigan and Houston, track-and-field and Odyssey of the Mind.

I get asked “what is Odyssey of the Mind” all the time, so to spare any confusion, Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program where students are given tasks and must work together as a team to complete the tasks. It builds self-confidence, develops life skills, and teaches you how to work as a team. This program, in particular, was one of my favorite extracurricular activities because it combined my love of art with problem-solving skills to construct mechanical devices such as a hand-built robot.

These diverse experiences exposed me to art and creative thinking which naturally lead the way for me to become involved and fascinated with visual arts at an early age.

I continued perusing my love of art while attending Memorial High School, where I also ran track. At Memorial, I took art all four years and studied nothing but drawing and practiced on improving my drawing skills tirelessly. I graduated from Memorial High School in 2012 and continued my education at Blinn College.

I enjoyed Blinn College’s art program and expanded my horizons through 3D design, painting, and ceramics. I completed my freshman year at Blinn and transferred to Texas State University my sophomore year.

I  loved being a student at Texas State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertisement with an Art minor. While at Texas State, I learned many of the Adobe Suite programs. I also learned creative skills, advertising, and marketing skills, writing, videography, web design, CSS, HTML and have become very familiar with WordPress. I also completed two internships, where I learned how to work in a corporate environment, adapt quickly to new software, and built my self-confidence as a working professional. Texas State’s atmosphere is rich in activities involving nature and the outdoors and gave me inspiration for my art, as well as the motivation to push myself outside of my comfort zone in Advertisement.

I graduated from Texas State Univerisity magna cum laude and entered the workforce with confidence. After months of volunteering and applying, I landed a job with Cmove, a corporate relocation consulting company located in Houston Texas. I was initially hired on as an administrative assistant but was quickly promoted to project coordinator after a few short months. I successfully moved well over fifty thousand individuals for companies such as United Airlines, ExxonMobil, TransCanada, Rice University, Tompson Knight law firm and Newfield Oil & Gas. Working for Cmove allowed me to fine-tune my customer services, communication, problem-solving, and time management skills.

My experience at Cmove was one of the most challenging and rewarding. I worked long hours, handled stressful situations and put out never-ending fires daily. Cmove has taught me the importance of being a team player and has shown me that hard work pays off.

From Cmove I became an administrative assistant at Llewelyn-davies Sahni where I quickly gained the added title of Marketing Coordinator. My experiences at lds have allowed me to broaden my skill set in marketing and advertising. Helping with projects such as branding, email campaigns, proposals, company presentations, and portfolio’s has made me feel as though I am utilizing my degree and contributing to the team.

My background in advertising and my continued love of art has helped me develop my writing, problem-solving and time management skills and showed me the importance of patience. It was not until I entered the workforce that I realized the significance of these skills and how much art has benefited my personal development and my professional development.


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hey Deborah!

    I love the theme you used! It’s the same theme I utilized for mine and it’s interesting to see it used differently! I love the bio you placed on the site, it’s informative and definitely depicts you as a person.


  2. I love that you customized this theme to better fit your personality. Your header image and bio truly speak to who you are. How neat that I got to learn about you as an artists AND a person. Thank you so much for sharing.!


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