Below are the links to a few of the videos I created while attending Texas State University. They were all edited and created using PrimerPro and iMovie. Some of these videos were made for a videography art class and are very creative. Others were created for several different communication classes and were intended for research.


San Marcos Graffiti

I created this video as part of a class project about graffiti art in San Marcos.

Texas State Meet the Guards

This video was created as part of a group project for a mass communication journalism project.

Edited by Matthew Shoewalter

Shot by: Deborah Bowerman

Texas State Art Program

Students express their opinion about their experience with the Texas State Art Program.

Circle of Life

The sounds you hear were created by rubbing my fingers around the rim of crystal glasses filled with water. It portrays the circle of life, how everything in life comes back around eventually and how history repeats itself.